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Early Season Training

We all know that races are won or lost before the season starts, when we brave the cold to ride outside or punish ourselves by spinning on the trainers while staring at increasingly numbing videos.  This year we have decided to train with more focus and energy than in years past, and, to help make us more honest in our training, we bought a formal program with our most consistent training partner.  The training plan is designed to help prepare racers for the Tour of the Battenkill, which arrives in mid-April.

I have quickly learned that the way training plans look on the computer screen bears little relation to the way they feel in my legs.  The plan we are following has us doing a lot of short days with rides under two hours.  As a big-miles freak, I looked at these short rides and scoffed.  How could 75 minutes ever get me in shape to race?  The answer is simple: when those short rides are stuffed with intervals, you get in shape fast.  I’m sore and tired, and I expect I’ll get very used to that feeling in the next several weeks.



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