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New Parts

I received some of my new components in the mail today. Unfortunately, the company shipped me two 10 speed cassettes instead of two 11 speed cassettes and a front derailleur with a 32mm clamp instead of a 35mm clamp. So, I can’t completely build up my new frame until I get this mix up straightened out.

I did put on the parts I could, which is basically everything else, and it looks great. Earlier, the company gave me a free upgrade to Super Record cranks because the Record cranks were out of stock. The cranks are beautiful and they are clearly very well-made. Installation was effortless, as everything seemed to fall together with no fuss at all. I’ve installed Centaur cranks many times, and they were never this easy to assemble. Here is a look at the cranks:


I also got an upgrade/substitution on the brakes. I ordered the 2009 Record 11 speed brakes, but they were also out of stock. The company offered the ’07-’08 Record brakes instead. As far as I can tell, the older Record brakes are exactly the same as the new Super Record brakes, with the titanium hardware and subsequent lighter weight. They also installed very easily, but I did have to run to the hardware store to buy a Torx wrench set, since Campy has decided to use Torx instead of hex in some of their applications. From an engineering standpoint, it probably make sense, because it is probably harder to strip out a Torx than a hex. Here is the front brake:


The Record rear derailleur arrived with no trouble. It is a very beautiful piece of machinery and looks more like kinetic sculpture than a mere mechanical device. Here it is:


Once I get the rest of the parts and can finish the build, I can use my other purchase, the new 11 speed chain tool. It is an insanely precise tool, and, for the price ($150) it should be. I read through the booklet of instructions and was stunned by 24 pages detailing the proper way to set up and mount an 11 speed chain. Here it is:


I also ordered the special Laneo edition of Look pedals. They are white and will complement my white frame perfectly.


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I went out with Greg to get a few hours in before the wicked storm hits us tomorrow.We went at a nice, easy pace, and put in over three hours. Here are the details:

Activity Type: Road Biking
Event Type: Training
Total Time: 03:27:47
Distance: 55.44 mi
Elevation Gain/Loss: 3,539 ft / 3,550 ft
Calories: 3,944 C
Average: 141 bpm
Max: 175 bpm

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Road Biking

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